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Meet the subdudes

In 1987, four musicians got together for what they envisioned would be a one-time performance at Tipitina’s in New Orleans. It was a night of mostly acoustic music – sparse instrumentation with a strong emphasis on songwriting and vocal harmonies. The show far exceeded expectations, and on that March night the subdudes were born.

Nearly 10 years later, after releasing five critically acclaimed albums and building a hard-core cadre of fans through relentless touring, the subdudes called it quits. Spinoff projects ensued, as did the occasional reunion show. About five years later, three of the guys decided to get back together. They recruited some friends and hit the road for the rest of the decade before taking another break.

Now, starting in March 2014, they’re giving it another go. This time it’s the original lineup for the first time in 17 years, playing a few select shows.

And after nearly 30 years, still nobody in the world sounds like them.

The subdudes are Tommy Malone, John Magnie, Steve Amedée, and Johnny Ray Allen.

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And, if you want to go waayyy back, the subdudes can trace their genesis to a few bands in particular: L’il Queenie & The Percolators (1977-1982), the Cartoons with Becky Kury (1978-1980), and the Continental Drifters (1984-1987). Click the links to read more!

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